Nutmeg and Orange infused Butter

Monica isn’t going to know that it’s not nutmeg flavoured butter.

I don’t want to be rude but she piles her plate high with everything all mixed in. Rice with gravy, turkey with beans.. Christmas dinner/ Brazilian barbecue carnage.  She has lived in a slum or on the street for most of her life so, understandably, food is more about quantity than quality.

So when Tony rings me from the hospital at 11pm (another story) to ask if I would mind making the nutmeg and orange infused butter for the Hope House Christmas party tomorrow ( for which Monica would be in attendance) .. it wasn't just the nutmeg that I started to grind. 

In my defense it had been a long day, Tess is ill, I'm a hormonal wreck with an earache and it’s so flippin hot. I’d spent my evening tidying up and trying to cram cupboards with mess to give myself a feeling of more tranquility and less clutter over the festive period. But in trying to cram everything in with tetris style agility I had left myself feeling frustrated and it had kind of defeated the point.
 I was far from Tranquil.

 Also on my mind was the list of things that had to be done for the Christmas service which I thought I was able to organise and have a small family like affair just to make it feel a bit more Christmasy.. but I forgot that I'm not like that and I want it to be perfect.. so there is a manger, up lighting,  carols in 3 languages and all the base children in teatowel-esque style costumes entering from stage right and whatnot.

So being asked to make orange scented nutmeg butter at 11pm whilst pouring the boiling water into the bottles and realising that I had run out of the new superduper-free-from-everything milk that we are now supposed to feed Tess with, made me a little more than frustrated.


But as I was making said butter I realised that that wasn't the point.

Monica might not know, but I need to do it anyway.  I know it’s a cheesy.. but I’ll say it anyway..  do it as if it were Jesus..

If it were Jesus I was making the smelly butter for I would probably go and milk the cow and churn it myself or something wouldn't I?  Monica might not know but I need to do it anyway.. I need to give her my best. ( and it is quite tasty really!) and I know all that stuff about doing things in the quiet etc and not shouting about when you're helping others or whatever a fairy dies or it doesn't count if you talk about it.. well I just published it on the web so I'm probably not going to gain any God brownie points  or whatever!! 

 But that's not why I'm doing it. I'm doing it now because I want to bless Monica and give her the best I can.. even though she won’t know what on earth it is.

Ramble over, butter made. Goodnight!


Rob said...

You guys are brilliant.... Although personally I think nutmeg and orange sounds weird I am sure Monica and Jesus both appreciated your efforts and the heart behind them!!

Anonymous said...

so proud of all you doing, am sure Monica and everyone will thoroughly enjoy their time and effort you have given them, xx mum xx

Richard Moody said...

Sounds like there is a lot going on at Christmas. Hope everyone enjoys the festivities.Best wishes for a peaceful New Year. Looking forward to visiting you all in July as part of Bridge Bolton mission .

dave said...

Excellent points, well delivered, respect.

dave said...

Honest and true. Respect