Prayer Room

  Answered prayer- thanks!
  • We have settled well in Olinda and into our new house
  • We are enjoying the work we do with ReVive girls home and the promotion of fostering and adoption here in Brazil
  • We are members of a great church and are getting more and more involved

    Please pray!
  • Our car has given us an unbelievable amount of stress in the last few months, taking time and money that we don't have!! 
  • for growth in friendships
  • for the birth of baby Amelia in January

  • We believe that God answers prayer

    We don't always get the answers we want 
    but we are told to ask anyway 

    Feel free to post your prayer needs using the comment box so we can pray with you or email us with them, we'd love to pray for you. They will be confidential and will not appear on the blog.

Thanks x