The block factory

Little by little the factory is coming together. Sometimes it feels like I spend more time trying to nurture a good attitude towards work in the boys than actually building, but that's OK our aim is to invest into them not just build a factory.
Nevertheless we are building and we have been working on the roof. 

 As you can see we have a roof!! Now for the last bit of cabling, some lights, security cameras, and I think we will be ready to bring the block machine down and start production.

So far we have spent over £10,000 and  have about £5,000 more to spend to complete the factory. Once the factory is running it will be financially self sustaining, giving employment to up to 8 ex-street boys and we may even be in the position to financially support other projects here, like Hope House. If any of you amazing people would like to give towards the start up cost of this project then please do let me know!! Thanx.


Emily said...

I'm so proud and pleased and grateful for what you're doing, with this project and the last post, too.
Also, a bit (very) jealous about this type of project, in which you can meet several goals at once!