Proud of my Boys

   On Tuesday Beto, one of the boys from hope house started work at the block factory. He was one of the boys from the last triage, so I have seen him on the streets, dirty and sniffing glue, in the triage, having epileptic fits, and fighting, in the house learning how to behave and being baptized, and now working. He has had an amazing first 2 days at work and we are so proud of him. As well as epilepsy he has some other special needs which makes it all the more exciting to see him maturing and achieving so much!!! I'm sure more challenges will come up with Beto, especially as today he is exhausted from working 2 afternoons, but he is doing so well!!

   On a different note, my time with Bill is coming to an end, he has been working as my apprentice for almost 2 years now and he is doing amazingly, he has taken the decision to do a DTS (Discipleship training school). I am so proud of him, he has come so far! I'm going to miss him so much, but I know that to spend 5 months in a different city growing in his faith and maturing into adulthood is going to be so good for him.

   Finally a triage is looking immanent!! We have some boys, who look ready to come off of the street, and Hope House is really chilled out, all the boys are doing well. So we think its time. We just need to organize the location and the staff and we can go ahead. We are thinking some time in September.

I'm off to the factory now. yesterday we made 238 blocks which is an all time record and is enough to run at a profit!! I'm so proud of my Boys!!!!


Tony Worthy said...

so proud of all you and what the team have achieved, where there is strength in the Lord he will bring fruitfulness, well done to Beto as well, tell him we will pray for him to be well and have strength to keep going,well done Bill doing a DTS you will love it, keep up the good work all of you, xxxxxxx