Being Pregnant in Brazil

This sign reads:  preferential  treatment is given to- those above the age of 60,
 pregnant women, people with disabilities and people with infants. Underneath is the statute number.

Just thought I'd give you a little summary of what it's like to be pregnant and living in Brazil! The medical system is different, and sometimes very time consuming. Scans, appointments, blood test all in different places around the city and I have to organise them, I also need to keep all my records and bits of paper! I miss the ease and efficiency of the NHS. It's hot right now so it's extra hard to get comfortable, the bad roads mean I'm on edge every time we go out. But there are some amazing things too! They know how to throw baby showers ( mine will be in two weeks so watch this space!).  For pregnant women they have special queues, they have special parking places, people always give up their seats, they don't have midwives but I choose my own doctor.  Although it’s a bit of a pain to organise, I will have about 8 ultrasound scans during the whole pregnancy if it’s going normally. The suite I will give birth in has a fridge, a bed for Tony, good hospital food and a live video link to her crib if she has to be separated from me for any reason. Oh yes! So all in all I'm really enjoying the pregnancy here in Brazil and I'll let you know how the birth goes!


Anonymous said...

Lovely picture of you Laura. Dtchil