It´s been an eventful month...

Well it has certainly been different! Our first month of being three has had its ups and downs, but we are still all well and (for the most) enjoying it! Here some of what she has been up to...

   posing for photos..

chillin with dad..

getting my medical insurance..

getting drunk on milk..

 ....Getting drunk on RedBull 
(just kidding please dont send the Social Sevices over!)

more smiling..

not enough of this..

celebrating Easter...

chillin with my favourite Uncle..

..Tio Edgar

Studying for my degree

lots of this..

recieving love from across the world!

experiencing new flavours.. 
( again.. just Kiddin!)

some more laughing..

...finding my feet

..and generally being cute!


Anonymous said...

so beautiful, fearfully and wonderfully made and a blessing from God, love you millions and can't wait to hug n kiss you. yep this is from

Annie said...

awwwww :) She makes me smile. Also, it makes me smile that you included a crying picture with the "lots of this" caption. ;)

Karen Silva said...

She is incredibly adorable!!! So happy for you guys!!