Life after Hope House

Over the last 11 years of Hope House providing a loving home for many ex-street boys, there has always come a sad time when a boy turns 18 and must leave because they are no longer legally allowed to stay in the house. Many of them choose to stay here within the YWAM community, doing a DTS, helping out on the base and more recently being part of Project Jose. Those that have stayed are mentored and encouraged to continue to make good choices, they feel part of the community. However many of those that have left because of wanting to have more freedom have returned to the problems they were once free of. Two are in prison, one is an alcoholic, another has turned to theft and they are just those that we personally know. There are more stories that we are not aware of. Project Jose was created to encourage and support those boys who want to stay on the base and want to continue to make something of their lives. The boys make goals, are mentored and given employment. They learn how to handle money, how to respect colleagues, how to handle conflict, they need to have some kind of education ( academic or apprenticeship)  and they need to live within the boundaries of the YWAM community.

 One of the biggest problems Project Jose ( and therefore Tony!) has right now is lack of accommodation. We are desperatly seeking people to partner with us to build accommodation for these boys to be able to continue in the project. We currently have 7 ex street boys that Tony is responsible for.  Please pray that God will give him wisdom and strength in his role and that the finances come through so these boys get the support they need.
Some of the Projecto Jose boys in front of the place that
we are hoping to build accommodation for them.