World Cup Brazil

Thought we'd share a few pictures about how life has been like having the World Cup on our doorstep.

 I'm not going to rant about how FIFA and the Brazilian government are ridiculously corrupt and how I've seen first hand how they have thrown people out of their home and communities to make new roads .. which haven't even been finished. I'm not going to rant about how loads of tourists bring in sex tourists and how there is a rise in child prostitution.. because there is.. and you all know about it due to the BBC and even that terrible erroneous article in the Mirror (which featured one of our friends and co-workers looking like a pimp as the cover shot...when he is the one working with these girls every week and was the one helping the so called reporter..BIG FAIL Mirror). No I will stop my ranting!!

 Everyone knows about that side.. and maybe soon we will share some of our experiences.. but for now we want to focus on the good stuff, there HAS been such an amazing atmosphere here. One of fun and excitement and anticipation and a belief that something big is happening.. and it is! Fireworks going off simultaneously after every goal.. the roar of literally thousands of people throughout the city cheering at the same time, the smell of burning popcorn, the Brazilians football food of choice, and the miles of incredible yellow and green bunting which criss-crosses the street. I've tried to capture it in photos.. but it's not very well done! Tony managed to get cheap tickets for a game in the nearby stadium by just turning up and buying from dissapointed fans who were hoping that England would be there in the later stages. Tony is not a huge footie fan but even he loved the match and complained about the people that were more interested in making a Mexican wave than watching the match!

...there are pictures coming I promise!..

The atmosphere here now is a little tense before tomorrows game.. ( for those with heads in the sand, the Brazilian team's best striker, Neymar, went down last game and broke a vertebrae.. and their captain was naughty and is not allowed to play.) So before things turn sour and this is old news I thought I'd post some pictures.

P.S If Brazil DO get through to the final Tony will dye his hair.. just like every other Brazilian 13 year old here..  in the style of Neymar to honour the Brazilian hero! So watch this space!

driving past the Stadium here in Recife
the amazing colourful flags..

watching the first Brazil game on big screen

watching another game whilst trying to keep Teresa happy

too much excitement! 

Tony watched Costa Rica vs Greece

Tony getting photo bombed 

the still unfinished New Road... or just a space where hundreds of people used to live..

The HH boys getting into the spirit of things