Community Building- Emergency Repair

Last week Tony was working out in Recife for 2 days. He would come home filthy and smelling quite bad.. nothing unusual..

It was a busy week so we didn't a lot of opportunities to talk about the work that he was from our conversations all that I understood was that he was mending a floor, and something about a family living over the river, oh and that he came home thirsty and hungry (and a little smellier than usual!)

That's nice.. I thought to myself.

I didn't realise until he showed me the video what he had actually been doing.. Click to see the video

They were helping a family that we have a good relationship with. The street team have been working with this family for a while with a long term goal of helping them improve their living and economic situation.

But was an emergency situation as the level of the river was going to rise drastically in the next month and somebody had stolen the supporting beams from underneath their house and it was becoming very dangerous for the children.

 It's was a difficult project due to their environment and they worked really hard. It was hot, dirty and smelly and the tide only gave them a few hours to work on the structure beneath the house. There was a lot of balancing and being careful with footings ( and tools) so as not to fall into the sewage below. But I think Tony and Daniel (the carpenter) enjoyed the challenge. It was also was great to see one of the Hope House boys helping with them too.

 There are plans to help other families in similar situations.

NB- Please feel free to share this video. The Video is available to download through the link in Vimeo




Moray McKay said...

Hero's! (I'd have had to have all my tools tied to my belt, otherwise I'd have been a nervous wreck!)