one of Those moments

It was a Thursday afternoon. Tony had come home from work a few minutes early so was sat writing emails and I was sat on the floor entertaining Tess or pulling bits of fluff from her mouth, I can’t remember. The loud thumping on the door indicated that Beto was in need of some attention. He was in the middle of a Youth Camp type thing here on the base, so we hadn’t been seeing him as regularly that week.  He came in and threw himself on the sprawled out that his feet almost touch the table on the other side of our small apartment. We chat for a while and we have a Coke together. Tess was playing with the syringes that I use to give her medicine in and Beto asked me why she had to take medicine. I explained her problem with reflux and maybe an allergy that we are getting tests done for.  He was quiet for a minute and then asked if he could pray for her. I told him that would be great.  He got down on the floor and prayed for her. It’s such a tough process with Beto. He is hard work and sometimes disrespectful, he is ungrateful and demanding on time and energy. But seeing him wanting the best for Tess was one of those good moments.