Settling into a new season

The hobbit hole finally livable, the new charity registered as an NGO, arrival of Maggie the puppy and little Clara Beatrice entered the world.. ( with a lot of encouragement!) all since our last blog entry! To say that the last few months have been crazy is an understatement. I think we have all come out the other side without too many scratches.. we are a little sleep deprived still and these hard times always make us miss our family and friends more, but we are grateful to God for all that he has done, all he has provided and for being our Rock through the manic-ness!
Here are just a few photos to sum up the last 3 months! We will be writing a newsletter soon so look out for that!

All looking a little older! 




Tired doesn't even come into it! 

..but Tess is coping well.. especially with some art therapy and Pirate relaxation techniques.


Anonymous said...

We miss you as well, but are so proud of all you have achieved and obeyed the plans God has for you all. May he continue to be your portion and your strength, xxxx

Lydia said...

I love this family!!!!! And so proud of what you've achieved. Excited for all that's ahead, after the years of sowing seeds, you are seeing things really take off and grow. Plus Laura your hair! Big hugs to you all xx