Happy 2nd Birtday Tess...

Yes I know I spelled it wrong, but we had a great day anyway!! I was so tired after the mountain of baking that at 11pm the night before the big day, spelling was beyond me! (:
Tess is 2! We had a lovely day in our newly grassed garden playing and eating lots of cake. We are so blessed to have friends here that we can call family. Tess is growing into a fun,animal loving, strong, chatterbox. Her favorite food is any kind of fruit, yogurt, porridge and pancakes!  She has a good imagination and likes to make tea and coffee for mum and dad, yesterday she had a fox round for tea and she is very good at floating (swimming!). She still loves books and you can often hear her recounting Monkey Puzzle "come come come! It's time I took you home to mum!" or the Gruffalo.. "silly old fox.. don't you know?!" she calls her nappies "whackers" and elephants "eletrunks". We are so blessed.